Grade 1 Exams

It has been a busy Spring Term, since returning to classes in January 2023 – and more so as the Winter Term came to abrupt end due to a cold spell making it simply too cold to dance in the studio. Over the Christmas break this was rectified by the addition of a new powerful electric heater which we are now using alongside the air conditioning system (which both heats and cools the studio as needed).

Grade 1

The Wednesday class took their Grade 1 Exams on 30th November 2022 under the watchful eye of ISTD Examiner Mrs Krishnalatha Kathirgamanathan and what a well-deserved and impressive set of results:

Hanshitha and Jashvi both achieved Distinction, with Hamsini, Ananya J, Aarushi O, Tehyaa and Mayukha all gaining very respectable Merits – I was especially impressed with the number of students achieving full marks for singing, folder presentation, knowledge of theory and presentation of their creative exercise.

The girls are now hard at work preparing for their Grade 2, as well as learning a Pushpanjali. They are also looking forward to some key performances in the next couple of weeks.