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The Dance School

Debbie Ganguli-Patel established Satyam Dance & Music School in 2017 as a means to pass on the beautiful art of Bharatanatyam Dance to the next generation, to also honour the memory of her late father Dr Satya Brata Ganguli a great lover of Indian art, dance and music, with great support and encouragement from her now late mother Mrs Swati Ganguli who was herself a vocal singer.

As a senior disciple of Guru Prakash Yadagudde, Debbie is focused on achieving exceptional standards in Bharatanatyam dance, and believes in nurturing future dancers creativity and development in much the same way she herself was taught and guided, and offering a warm and positive environment to foster the growth that all dancers want and need.

Debbie is a member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) allowing her to offer students the opportunity to take ISTD examinations, and is working towards the ISTD Diploma in Dance Education, as part of her own Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Dance & Music Classes and Performances

Dance Classes at the School are suitable for all ages. Primary classes give younger children the opportunity to develop an early appreciation for Bharatanatyam dance, through movement and story telling, as well as having exposure to other types of dance through learning Indian Folk dances. Graded classes follow the ISTD syllabus with students having the opportunity to take their grade examinations.

Classes are held weekday evenings and weekends at Satyam's own Dance studio StudioMK10 in Brooklands, Milton Keynes. Grade classes - twice a week (one weekday and Sunday morning Adavu class) with additional exam preparation classes held as required.

As part of the ISTD Syllabus students are required to have tuition in dance theory and also in Carnatic vocal music. Theory and basic vocal training is delivered by Debbie herself as part of the regular classes, with Satyam also having close affiliations with a number of experienced vocal teachers who support the students in their learning as needed.

Students also have regular opportunities to perform together, both for local events as well as national competitions, and are also given the opportunity to apply for the ISTD bursary to assist in funding their dance learning if they are successful in the application.

Primary Classes

Suitable for ages 4—6


Graded Classes

Suitable for ages 7 & above


Individual + Online

Suitable for all ages


Classical Indian Dance: Bharatanatyam

According to the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Classical Indian Dance Faculty:

"Bharatanatyam makes a distinctive contribution to the education of all students, in that it uses movement, which is the fundamental mode of human expression. It offers a range of learning opportunities and enables participants to enjoy physical expression as well as develop intellectual sensibilities. 

As they work together in Bharatanatyam, candidates learn about cooperation and develop an understanding of the shaping of movement into artistic forms of expression. Graded Examinations in Bharatanatyam are concerned with progressive mastery in defined stages within the context of safe dance practice." 

Click the link below to download the ISTD Syllabus as a pdf document. Note: it is a large file so may take a while to download.


Debbie Ganguli-Patel

Debbie began her journey in Bharatanatyam Dance over 30 years ago under the expert guidance and tutelage of esteemed Guru Sri Prakash Yadagudde of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan London, alongside dance Debbie also took lessons in Carnatic Vocal (South Indian Classical Music) with her vocal teacher the Late Smt Sivashakti Sivanesan also at the Bhavan Centre. After attaining a diploma in Bharatanatyam from the Bhavan UK, Debbie went on to complete her Arangetram (ascension to stage) in 1993.

In 1996 Debbie attended Guys Hospital in London to study Dentistry, and until recently was the owner of an award winning Private Dental Practice in Bedfordshire. Alongside her continuing career in Dentistry, Debbie's love of dance continues as always.

Debbie continues her training with her guru in London at weekends alongside her daughter Ishani who is also a disciple of Guru Prakash Yadagudde and who like her mother has completed the dance diploma at the Bhavan Centre.

Debbie also focuses on CPD training courses through the ISTD and other organisations and is currently taking the Diploma of Dance Education with the ISTD.


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